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Dear CTK family and friends;
First, I want to thank you all for your kind and faithful adherence to the restrictions we’ve all had to endure as we worship together during this Covid-19 crisis.  Although the pandemic is not over yet, we are grateful to God that for many there is now light at the end of the tunnel.
The vaccine that the majority of us have received appears to offer extremely good protection.  This is a wonderful blessing, and the reason federal rules regarding mask-wearing for *fully vaccinated people have been lifted.
Over the past weeks at our diocesan and clergy deanery meetings there have been many discussions regarding the shifting Covid-19 protocols, mostly about keeping our communities safe and about the timing in removing these restrictions.
As of Sunday, Pentecost, May 23rd, masks are no longer required at CTK.  Of course, anyone may choose to continue to wear a mask, and we honor and respect each person’s decision.  We do however, recommend that those who have not yet been *fully vaccinated continue to wear masks.
We will also be returning to normal seating, and there will be no need to “sign up” online to attend worship.
Some of you may greet this news with great joy, others with some trepidation.  It is right and good that each person proceeds at their own comfort level, as we seek to extend God’s love and grace to one another during these trying times.
Prayerfully, and with much consideration, I believe this to be the appropriate decision based on the new directives coming from our diocese, federal and state governing bodies.  I look forward to many more of our church family members being together again.
For those worshiping at home, please continue to join us on YouTube.
In His Grace & Peace,
Fr. David
*The phrase “fully vaccinated” typically means that it has been 14 days since your final dose of whichever vaccine you were given.

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